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  • What Kind of Event Is This?
    Premier GSC hosts nationwide traveling roadshows where you can bring your Precious Metals, Coins, Collectibles, and Antiques!
  • What Makes a Premier GSC Roadshow Different?
    At one of our Events you don’t have to worry about the hassle of a cluttered meeting with multiple people to go over all the different categories of items you have brought. You will meet with one expert for all the categories we have advertised. One-on-one, our expert will dedicate the appropriate amount of time to assess all of your items and offer you an unbeatable fair-market price!
  • Who Can I Contact Concerning Advertising/Marketing?
    Please contact
  • Is your company Legit?
    Yes! Premier has been in business for over 12 years, have thousands of Five Star Google Reviews and satisfied customers, and is a BBB Accredited Business!
  • What Items Do You Not Purchase?
    We DO NOT look at paintings, or breakable items such as fine china, vases, and glass. We DO NOT look at furniture, books, furs, or stamps. Please feel free to check out our Website ‘What We Purchase’ Page for additional information and dates!
  • How Can I Schedule A Home Appointment?
    Please go to our online Website ‘Home Appointments’ Page and submit your information there.
  • Do You Have A Store I Can Go To?
    We do not. Our headquarters do not have any on-site experts. You will have to attend one of our Roadshows if you are interested in learning about your items.
  • Can I Call or Email to Get A Price of My Items?
    No. We do not give any pricing over phone and email. We have no expert on standby at the Main Office. You have to bring your item in to the show to get information and pricing.
  • Do You Sell Anything At This Event?
    No. This is STRICTLY a buying event. Premier GSC does not sell anything.
  • How Will I Be Paid?
    You will be paid with a certified check through Chase Bank before you leave the meeting space.
  • What Is The Estimated Wait Time?
    It’s hard to determine as this is dependent on what the response to our advertisement was, how many items the person ahead of you might have and how many people are ahead of you. By registering, you will help give us a better idea of how many people we can expect! Additionally, Premier GSC has heard your suggestions and is hoping to have a system in place by 2024 to assist in giving an estimated wait time.
  • What Do I Do If The Roadshow I Want To Go To Is Sold Out?
    Our Roadshows do not sell out! To keep our event free we are only able to post 25 tickets but don’t worry if it says sold out! Stop on by and we would be happy to meet with you!
  • How Much Does Your Event Cost?
    This Event is completely FREE! If at any point you have been asked to pay for a ticket, please contact our main office.
  • Do I Need To Clean My Items Before The Show?
    Premier GSC does not recommend cleaning items unless it is being professionally done or with professional equipment. A lot of the products being listed at more affordable costs are damaging the items. The expert will be able to assist with basic cleaning at the Roadshow.
  • What if I’m not sure if my item is real Gold/Silver/Platinum/Diamond?
    No worries! Our expert has a state-of-the-art tester who will be able to help you get those answers!
  • Is This Event Televised?
    No, it is only recorded for security measures and government requirements for our type of business.
  • Are The Prices You Offer on the Advertisement Accurate?
    All Final prices are dependent on rarity, condition, and date. Premier GSC is not able to offer any prices unless the item is seen in person. We will not answer any questions about prices over the phone or email.
  • Do I Need To Contact the Hotel Hosting the Event?
    Absolutely no need! The Front Desk will have no information regarding our event. Please contact Premier GSC’s Main Office at (419) 615-1237 for any information in regards to the event!
  • Where Does The Event Take Place?
    The Event takes place within a local event space at a Hotel or Community Event Space (e.g., American Legion, Knights of Columbus, etc.)
  • How Many Tickets Should I Get?
    If you are bringing additional guests but they don’t have items to look through, only one ticket is required. If you are bringing additional guests and they do have items to look through, get a ticket for every person who is bringing in items.
  • Will There Be Food Or Beverage Provided?
    No! No food or drink is allowed or served at the event given the items we are working with. Additionally, you are NOT allowed to drink any beverages the hotel has out for their paying guest. Those Coffee/Water are ONLY for paying guests of the hotel. You will be charged accordingly by the Hotel if you break this policy.
  • Does My Ticket Mean I Have A Scheduled Appointment With The Expert?
    No, this event is a first-come, first-served only. The tickets are available to provide you with additional information about the event as well as location information
  • What Kind Of Security Will Be At This Event?
    Unless under Government requirements, Premier GSC has put in place effective measures to keep our expert, our guests, and the vendor location safe. The Event is Recorded under a twenty-four period with state-of-the-art technology for the entire duration, and items are kept under secure totes with GPS tracking. Local government is contacted before the event start date and it is very common for authorities to due routine checks and monitoring to help enforce any necessary safety.
  • How Many Items Can I Bring?
    As many as you like! We always recommend bringing a couple of items in first, meeting with the expert and getting a feel for the show, and then letting them know the rest of the items you might have that are of interest!
  • What Do I Do If I Can’t Wait?
    At your earliest chance, please alert the expert that you are unable to wait for an extended period. They can either get the necessary information to contact you when they have an opening, or get you one of our Express Cards to help you jump the line when you can return!
  • What If The Tablet Is Broken?
    If the tablet is having issues with it, please notify the expert immediately by knocking on the door to let them know there is an issue quickly and quietly, give them time to pause their current process to get to a place to be able to best help you. You may also contact Premier GSC’s Main Office at (419) 615-1237, they can also let the expert know but please keep in mind to remain patient as the expert is likely in the middle of working with another guest.
  • Do You Need Any Food Truck/Vendors?
    At this time Premier GSC does not have any need for these.
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